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Frequently asked questions

How will it work if I want to try contact lenses?2019-03-13T09:28:37+00:00

We first need to test your eyes to get your prescription. If we have your right script you will receive contact lens training and you will be sent home for one week to try out the contact lenses. If you return after one week for your follow up the optometrist will do a follow up exam and only then will you decide if you want to order boxes or not.

You will pay for an eye test and a contact lens instruction and you will be charged for the follow up visit.

Can I pay off my spectacles?2019-03-13T09:27:42+00:00

You have to pay a deposit before we make the spectacles. The balance you can arrange to pay off. We also take Edgars and Jet accounts.

Can I use my own frame?2019-03-13T09:26:54+00:00

Yes but the price on the package stays the same. So we advise you to rather take a new frame because a new frame comes with a guarantee of one year.

Do you have a special price for someone who doesn’t have a medical aid?2019-03-13T09:26:15+00:00

Yes, single vision package R1100

Bifocal package R1600

Multifocal package R2400, this includes test frame and lenses.

How much will an eye test cost?2019-03-13T09:24:52+00:00


My medical aid only partially paid for my account. Do I need to settle the outstanding amount?2019-03-13T09:33:51+00:00

Yes, the contract is between the practice and the patient. Not between the practice and the medical aid. If there is a short payment you will be responsible for the co-payment.

How often do I need to test my eyes?2019-03-13T09:32:48+00:00

If you have a disease like diabetes or it is advised to test your eyes between 6 months and one year depending on the grading of the diabetic retinopathy.

It is best for your eye health do a comprehensive eye exam every year.

Children with prescriptions that are very young or that change very often is advised to come every six months.

How long will my new spectacles take?2019-03-13T09:32:00+00:00

It depends on the type of lens you choose. A single vision will be much faster that a bifocal or multifocal. We strive to have you spectacles ready in 2 weeks time.

What is the difference between glass and plastic lenses?2019-03-13T09:31:08+00:00

Glass:    heavier

Fogs up

Welding and grinding sparks burn on to the lens.

Doesn’t scratch easy

Plastic: Lighter


Can scratch easier

If it falls it won’t brake

I have contacted other optometrists and was told that you can only test a child’s eyes if they can read. Is this true?2019-03-13T09:30:04+00:00

I child’s eye can be tested from as early as 3 months old. The earlier a vision problem is corrected the better. If a vision problem is only detected at a later stage a lazy eye could have developed and intervention after 8 years of age has proved that you can’t get the vision to 6/6 but if the problem was picked up earlier and interventions were done the child’s vision would still be good.